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Ultimate trade
Ultimate Trade is focused on empowering traders to make money and collaborate on strategies by way of trading pools via the synergy of the whole pool, generating profitable arbitrage deals
About company
Ultimate trade is a team of professionals committed to supporting the crypto trade environment. The main achievement of Ultimate trade is the arbitrage solution to all crypto traders involved in the crypto market
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Trading is always with me
Cross platform trading
By using the Ultimate Trade platform you can become part of a successful pool of traders by participating in different pools. The UT web app trading solution is always online and with you on your various screens, it's important to have a partner you can trust
DDoS mitigation services offer blanket protection against all network layer and application DDoS attacks
UT validates all input data server-side to prevent the user from entering unexpected values
We provide 2FA multi-factor authentication to your users improves their protection
Improved UI/UX
Instant Online
Press about us
"One of the most interesting investment projects on the market."
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" - a promising platform for automated trading"
"Ultimate Trade provide their Users with an excellent opportunity to earn!"
"Crypto trading was never been easy"
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Quick offers
Welcome packs
These are special offers for the wholesale purchase of card access to profitable trading pools
The yellow pack includes one access to the green and yellow pool. This pack is ideal for traders who trade small assets. With this pack, you will save $10 on the purchase of access.
Crypto Deposit/Withdraw
Affiliate program features
Security & Others
1. How to Deposit to Ultimate Trade?
- The Ultimate Trade platform accepts payments in major cryptocurrencies. You can top up your balance using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin. You can find out more about the replenishment conditions on the page of my wallet in your user account.
2. How to Withdraw from Ultimate Trade?
You can create a request at any time to withdraw an available balance for any of the three wallets. The withdrawal is possible strictly on the currency used to deposit your account. You can find out more about the withdrawal conditions on the page of my wallet in your user account.
3. If i deposit to an incorrect address that doesn't belong to Ultimate Trade?
If you have sent your coins to an incorrect address that does not belong to Ultimate Trade. We are unable to provide you any further assistance in this case. You are suggested to contact the relevant parties (owner of the address or exchange/platform that the address belongs to).
4. Why has my deposit not been credited yet?
If the transaction is confirmed by the blockchain but not charged to your Ultimate Trade account after reaching more than 5 network confirmations, please contact our Customer Support team and provide us with the following info: Transaction ID, Coin/token name, Deposit amount, Deposit time.
5. How to add and confirm a new cryptocurrency deposit/withdrawal address?
To add a deposit and withdrawal address, go to your user account on the settings page. You can also select the cryptocurrency in which all indicators and processes in the user account will be displayed.
6. What are cryptocurrency deposit fees and minimums?
There is a minimum requirement for each deposit transaction, as well as an address setup fee and/or deposit fee for some cryptocurrencies though most cryptocurrencies are free to deposit.
Below is a summary of the minimums and fees. If your deposit is below the required minimum, the funds will not be credited to your account. Please contact our Customer Support team and provide us with the following info: Transaction ID, Coin/token name, Deposit amount, Deposit time.
7. What If I unable to withdraw cryptocurrencies?
Do you have the digital asset/cryptocurrency available in your Ultimate Trade account? Although you may see the total amount held in your account, you may have it selected where your account shows the total sum of all of your currencies shown in a specific currency, though all of your digital assets/cryptocurrencies held are treated separately.
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7 Donegall Square W Belfast BT1 6JH
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